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Don’t let your patients wait and worry about their medicines. Provide them there medicines at the doorstep. Enhance your pharmacy business with our online pharmacy app. We provide you with a secure, innovative and seamless online pharmacy app through our online pharmacy app. We provide you such an app that will make your process faster and more secure.

Our developers develop the online pharmacy app for you in such a way that it caters to all your needs. It lets your medicine delivery feature to be extended providing your customers convenience in getting their medicines. With getting your online pharmacy app developed by us you will avail features for your customers like ordering the medicines online, identifying the substitutes of medicines, health information, side-effect information and much more.
For online pharmacy app following features or add-ons will be provided with the app. The online pharmacy app will be customizable, thus you can select which features you require to have in the app.

For online pharmacy apps following features will be provided with the app.


Web Portal of Pharmacy solutions

Our team of developers will build an e-commerce web portal for the pharmacy app through which the users will be able to order medicines online for home delivery. This feature will assist you boost your pharmacy line to a great extent.


Software for inventory management

Keeping the particular update of the medicine stock is another requirement which an online pharmacy app requires. The inventory management software that will be provided by us along with the pharmacy app will help you track multiple elements like shipment details, inventory status, orders and the requirement of medicines when the stock lessens.


Software for sales and distribution

Through our app, we enhance your sales and distribution of the medicines by providing software which will be capable enough to grasp the overall sales of medicines, and the distribution activities that are required to be carried out.


Mobile app for delivery of medicines

Along with the online pharmacy app, our developers will provide you with a mobile app through which the users can certainly order medicines for home delivery.


Feature of on demand medicine delivery app panel

One click search medicine

Patient can easily search the medicine on your app with only one click

Easy upload Prescription

Customers can easily upload the prescription on the mobile app and search the medicines.


You can also re-order that medicine, it can be easily ordered again, which will save time for finding and adding carts again.

Online Payment

After ordering the medicines from pay there are various types of payment options by the developers.

Manage profile

Manage profiles , addresses, payment details notification settings for better user experience.

Categories wise search

User can quick search within categories of medicines, it would save time

Track order

Customers can easily track their orders, so it would be in real time at your place.

Compare price

Customers can compare the prices of medicine as our prices will be more reasonable than others.

Control Center

Admin will manage all the aspects of the business.

Manage Inventory

Admin have to manage all the list of medicines, tags, pricing and many more.

Manage orders

Create multiple users and give required access as per role to make management of various functions easy.

Payments and Offers

Add account details and get more new discounts offers.

Create Multiple Users

Create many users and give access as per role to function this task easily and for creating multiple users.

Payments and Commissions

After parting with vendors then it will definitely improve your payments and commissions.

Reporting and analytics

Get useful thoughts for business and for data driven decision making.

Various Reports

You have to make various reports to remain lean, surpass targets and lower costs.

Order Notifications

Pharmacists will always be notified about the new order via mail or message.

Dedicated Interface

It’s easy for every pharmacist and it would be easy to manage orders.

Provide Support

Pharmacists will provide assistance to customers via mail or phone for their support.

Payment Tracking

You can check successful and pending payments details and manage all your accounts.


Provide Support

Pharmacists will provide assistance to customers via mail or phone for their support.

Login Registration

Vendors can easily login to this and have access and serve customers through this website.

Manage Payments and Receipts

Vendors have to manage all the payments and their receipts.

Reply to Customers

Vendors can directly reply to customers about their queries and show loyalty towards them.


Technology Used


As everythings goes digital nowadays and this is a great opportunity to earn and crack the best deals while providing services to customers. You can give medicines at affordable prices. It is important to keep up with this change to remain relevant and successful.

We provide the best services solution in our development, we make sure that it has the best services and do it in the best way. We provide best marketing services on the post and we have experience in this and many other services. 

It will depend on the project so fixed time can’t be decided. But through our app you will take minimal time and you will grow a bit longer. Get in touch with us and set a timeline for your project

Pharmacy apps will allow your customers to order medicines online for their convenience. THe customers will get medicines delivered at their doorstep. If your app will be powerful then it will do the highest sales and help you to grow. 

Yes, you have the full rights to modify the pharmacy delivery clone script. We’ll provide you with the various codes for android and ios platform. You should have some technical knowledge to handle this


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