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There is certainly a dramatic increase in medical and recreational marijuana use. Several online directories are launched to showcase the top dispensaries near the consumer’s location. Leafly is already helping dispensary and medical delivery firms increase their revenue within a short period of time. We’ve listed everything you need to know about Leafly as well as the revenue and business model, which will allow you to gain an understanding of how the business of cannabis delivery is currently in operation.


  • It is home to the largest amount of dispensaries in California there are 1366 listed, New York 1902, and Michigan 1198.
  • Leafly – recently started startup of online weed delivery platform has raised $33 million during June of 2021.
  • In total, the Leafly website and apps are greater than 120 million people who visit every year.

  • There was a significant increase to 71% in sales of cannabis in the last year.

  • In addition, American customers bought weed products that were worth $18.3 billion in 2020.


Why Leafly clone?

If you want to boost start your weed delivery platform then we already created and worked with clients which means you will get your running business online faster than any other. We also offer customized options so you can get as per your needs too. We understand all legal aspects and requirements of the weed industry and we already incorporated them into our solution of weed delivery app development.


Important features of Leafly Clone

Strain Database Search

Leafly provides strain explorer which helps customers to find strains that suit and match with requirements and also it is updated too.


Dispensary Locator

Customers can find nearby dispensaries with zip codes or mobile locations which help to get fast delivery or pick up from the dispensary.



Customers can add reviews of products and strains which help other customers to find facts and choose their next order.


What is the revenue model of Leafly? Or what is the business model of the Leafly platform?

Leafly makes revenue from list dispensaries on their platform, which is from owners of businesses and its monthly fixed amount based on locations/zip codes they want to list. Also, they charge a commission from orders, advertise on their platform and offer distribution too. For the full year of 2022, Leafly expects revenue to be in the range of $48.0 million to $51.0 million, representing 15% growth over 2021 at the midpoint.


Why did we develop the Leafly Clone app for your marijuana business?

We already have an on-demand weed delivery app platform that can be customized as per your requirement so turn around time to launch your online business will be reduced and it will impact a lot of things including finances and more.


How much does it cost to develop an app like Leafly?

If you create from scratch it must go a lot of investment of time and cost too, but we have ready to go solution and it will be delivered very fast and cost-effective too. You can save money on development and more invest in marketing after the launch of the platform.


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