Instagram Clone Development

Love to share your lovely photos and videos with others? If yes then you need an app just like Instagram. Nowadays sharing of photos and videos about vacations, personal life is increasing. This calls for making such useful apps for fulfilling the purposes. Seeing the success that had achieved if you are tempted to make a similar one then we will surely be your helping hand for it. Our team of developers are efficient in Instagram clone development. You will get just a similar and more fabulous photo-sharing app.

Our development team will provide you with a secure, simple and reliable app for fulfilling your purpose of sharing. The app will be a pack of features starting from newsfeed to extravagant image filters. Status updates, activity logs, notifications, the list of features goes on. Thus for your requirement of an Instagram clone app, our company will be your choice.


The app is a collection of a plethora of features that you desire in a photo-sharing app. It will not be just a simple photo-sharing app but will contain following attractive features as well

Signup/sign in: the app takes cares of the security of personal information. A new user will be required to sign up for starting the use of the app. Existing users needs to provide their authentication details to access the associated information. Thus security of the user will be our major concern.

Search option: easily find your loved one by just one click. Click on search and type their name to find them.

Image/video sharing: seamlessly share your lovely photos and videos with your loved ones.

Image filter: enhance your images with the number of filters that will be provided to you within the app.

Newsfeed: in addition to sharing your photos, you will be able to see what your loved ones are doing around the world. You can even subscribe to pages created by others for various purposes.

Activity log: you will be able to monitor your activities timely.

Explore: this feature will allow you to connect to other things going around the world. Browse in pages created by others all according to your likes and desires.

Chat: with this, you can easily have a conversation with your loved ones. Not only this but make new friends by chatting with new persons with whom you wish to.

Other functionalities

Besides these features, some implied features will also be integrated for you. These features include like editing your profile whenever required, changing your privacy settings, changing the app settings to link it with your other social accounts, business account set up for earning purposes, push notification for notifying you about every activity and much more.

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  • This includes one screen for the newsfeed which will allow you to visually monitor your and your loved one’s activities.

  • Other is the profile screen where you will be able to see all the shared photos and videos. This includes the one you have shared and the ones in which you will be tagged by others.

  • Next is the explore screen. This will allow you to explore the pages and profiles of others which may be known or unknown to you.

  • One screen will be for applying filters for enhancement of your images.

  • One screen will be for chatting with your loved ones.

Why choose us for Instagram clone development?

Choosing us for Instagram clone development will let you grab the following advantages:

  • Free updating of the app for 24 months.

  • Free support for the period of 36 months.

  • Free brand removal.

  • Free installation of the app.

  • 100% unencrypted source code.

  • We build your app with the latest technologies for better security including technologies like NodeJS, angular JS, firebase, Ubuntu and many more.


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