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Gems Digital Media has a pool of innovative mobile app developers for hire. Our iOS and Android mobile app developers bring your mobile app idea into reality. We cater to your requirements and design a world-class, functional app.

Our Engagement Model

We provide services on a contract basis.


You can hire our Mobile app developers every month. We will send you the resumes of developers as per client requirements. You have to shortlist them. We make provisions for a Skype interview and you have to make the final call Hire on an hourly basis…Once you send mobile app requirements to us.Our analysis teamWill quote the number of working hours it will take together with hourly rates. after confirmation,our developers will start working  and finish the work in the stipulated time period.


Hire a Mobile App development team on a per project basis.Once you send your requirements, we will analyse them and send a quote with the price and number of Hours required to finish the project. After the acceptance of the quote, we start working and deliver the project within the quoted time

Our Hiring Process

Hire Certified Flutter Developer


Once you inquire for your project, we will contact you.


Once satisfied with the interview, the resource will be hired.


Payment terms will be discussed and finalised.


The project is ON

Why should you hire our Mobile App Developers?

Also, our app developers have a proven track record of creating great apps. We render high-quality services at a reasonable budget. Our Quality Analytics follow both automated testing and manual processes. Our designers create innovative mobile applications using cutting-edge technology. Our web developers assist you to take your business to the next level and offer you a competitive advantage. Our developers on-demand prompt services. Our skilled programmers transform your ideas into reality in a meticulous way. Our objective is the security of your business data. We work for client satisfaction.


Our Valued yet cost-effective Business/Dedicated Hiring Models


You can hire our skilled, experienced, and expert team for developing Android Apps.


When is this the right fit?


  • you need to supervise and mentorship the tasks.
  • you need a suggestive problem solver, process drove
  • you only need to supervise a few tasks
  • need to tweak the task if required

Our Valued Yet Cost Effective Business/Dedicated Hiring Models

You can hire our Skilled ,Experienced and Expert Team for Developing Android App


Technically sound, quick, task-driven.

$1,990 Monthly

When is this the right fit?

When you need to supervise and mentor most of the tasks.


Suggestive, problem solver, process driven.

$2,790 Monthly

When is this the right fit?

When you only need to supervise a few tasks.


Technical strategist, solution finder, results-driven.

$3,690 Monthly

When is this the right fit?

When you only need to tweak the tasks if required.

You can also hire Mobile Expert Developers on an hourly basis. It starts from $20/hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Flutter is a Google open-source UI toolkit for creating beautiful, natively compiled desktop, web, and mobile applications from a single codebase. Dart is the programming language used to develop Flutter apps.

Flutter differs from most other options for developing mobile apps in that it does not rely on web browser technology or the set of widgets that come standard with each device. Instead, Flutter draws widgets with its own high-performance rendering engine.

Flutter comprises the following elements:

  • A highly optimised, mobile-first 2D rendering engine with excellent text support.
  • Framework in the style of React
  • Rich set of widgets for unit and integration testing that implement Material Design and iOS-style APIs.
  • Interop and plugin APIs for connecting to the system, as well as third-party SDKs
  • Headless test runner for Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms.
  • Dart DevTools for app testing, debugging, and profiling
  • Command-line utilities for developing, building, testing, and compiling your applications

Flutter was created using C, C++, Dart, and Skia (a 2D rendering engine). This architecture diagram depicts the main components more clearly. Read the architectural overview for a more detailed description of Flutter’s layered architecture.

Dart is a rapidly growing modern language designed for client applications. The Dart virtual machine and the underlying graphics framework are written in C/C++.


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