Feature of SEO Services for Your Business

Internet has changed the world of communications, information and relationships between people. You do not find on the Internet through online marketing and specifically to a strategy of SEO in Google.

Currently, especially in India, all information searches go through the Google search engine. The first companies or product names are the most relevant for that reason be well positioned in this search is certainly a prerequisite for your brand image and increase your sales exponentially element. 74% of users who search on Google checks only the first page results before you click on one of them.

Feature of SEO Services for Your Business

Organic SEO is not an immediate process, appear on the first page of Google results often requires a continuous effort of several months through a SEO services.

SEO Services in India to improve your SEO

Previous Audit: Conducted a comprehensive study of the content of its website in order to analyze and understand the contents.

Web Optimization: we study the structure, programming and content of its website in order to optimize properly for the search engines. We perform SEO strategy optimization in three steps:

  • STEP-1

We analyze all the pages that make up your website and identify the most critical, in order to make them more recognizable by bots and crawlers from search engines (pages with programming, dynamic pages in PHP / ASP / JSP / JAVA, pages under SSL, etc.).

  • STEP-2

We define and identify the most appropriate and effective keywords for your website.

  • STEP-3

Optimizing on-page factors for projects or as a content manager (Code, web design) and off-page affecting the SEO positioning, such as a good information architecture, friendly URLs, landing pages, contents, improved upload speed, quality links that link to your website (link building).

Monthly Report Results:  Within our SEO services, every month will send a detailed report with the results obtained by the SEO of your website in various search engines report and proposals for improvement that allow you to have a successful project In Internet.

Our main goal is to make your potential customers find your website for targeted keywords set by the client. Gems Digital Media is an agency of SEO in India, specializing in search engine optimization in English, Dutch, French, German and any international language to strategies of link building international, integrating the role of the SEO consultant in the agency model of online marketing. We will not disappoint the project for you. We also do the best applications for mobile market.

SEO Services for International

Gems Digital Media is an agency expert in high quality SEO Services to internationalize projects and maximize ROI. The growing need to open business in new markets has made ​​us experts in international SEO. Do not hesitate, Gems Digital Media will provide the services of SEO market leaders at the best price.

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