Shopify Development Company [ Developer Before Hiring Guide ]

E-commerce is trending business today and with e-commerce majority of the manufacturer sell their products online. There is a need for building an e-commerce store that offers all the solution and products, and in return earn you some money. The success of e-commerce store depends upon the platform you have chosen.

For this reason, most of the sellers look the developers who provide them set of features. And over the years, Shopify has developed as one of the most known e-commerce platforms. The reason behind it is its professional themes and luxurious features. It is a complete yet straightforward CMS that includes a blogging platform to help the customer group.

At Gems Digital Media, we have renowned Shopify experts who deliver you a complete range of Shopify service. We update technologies time to time and deliver the most advanced solutions to the clients. Our team of experts first understand the client’s requirements, and as per the need target the market, face challenges and find opportunities to create simple solutions for them.

We focus on the requests of businesses with Shopify’s simple and powerful management system. Our Shopify Web Development team blend all rich features to create state-of-the-art Shopify e-commerce stores, which visually eye-catching and functionally robust.

Services Offer By Gems Digital Media On Shopify Platform

  • Shopify Store Setup and Configuration
  • Shopify Theme Design
  • Shopify Customization
  • Shopify Integration
  • Shopify SEO
  • Data Migration to Shopify
  • Migration To Shopify from Other Platforms
  • Shopify Upgrade, Maintenance, and Support

Why Hire Shopify Developer Of Gems Digital Media For The Shopify E-Commerce Store Development?

  • Professional Approach

Our team provides you with a professional solution by following an agile methodology. We have completed many projects at specified time frame and affordable rates.

  • Domain Expertise

Gems Digital Media’s Shopify developers are experts with years of experience handling different industry verticals and several projects.

  • Complete Analysis of Business Values

First, we do market research to analyze your business value and create a profitable and error-free e-commerce store.

  • Adherence to Quality Development Standards

Our team work for quality and hence adheres to coding standards during the design and development stage of the Shopify Store.

  • Seamless Communication

We believe in smooth, continuous and direct communication with the client. For the individual project, we have project associate who is available to communicate with the client during the development phase.

  • Real Solutions

We provide real solutions as per your expectations. We create customized e-commerce solutions, enable features for mobile commerce, redesign your existing store, and so forth.

iOS Developer Key Skills [ What Every iOS Developer Needs to Know! ]

iOS Developer Key Skills: An iOS developer is needed at every phase of an iOS development. The key responsibility of an iOS developer is to develop mobile applications powered by Apple. He should have a strong understanding and skills of the iOS platform. He must have the proper knowledge about the Programming and the designing part. There are many job opportunities for an iOS developer. Here, I am sharing some key skills of an iOS developer that you must need to become a professional iOS developer.

iOS Developer Key Skills

Swift: It is a programming language created by the Apple for the development of the app. It is the language used for the development of all iOS apps. It is a vast language. So, one must know everything about the language. You must comfortable with them.

  • Basic Syntax
  • Statement of control flow
  • Optionals
  • Initialization, Inheritance, and classes
  • Error handling
  • Objective-C Interoperability

Spatial Reasoning: The iOS developer must have the ability to imagine the spatial relationship between the objects and can think about the situation in 3D. He must aware of the design which helps the user to interact with the application. He must know about the availability of the control/inputs used for the different platform.

Design Guidelines: Many iOS apps are successful due to they are supreme perceptive. The reason behind this is their well-defined procedures and guidelines. So, you must have the knowledge of these design patterns. You must have the proper understanding of the data stored and displayed to the user. You must have the proper knowledge of the MVC model, Delegate patterns, and notifications.

Networking: The iOS developer must have the proper information about the connecting app with the web. He must understand the flow of data over the web. He must have excellent JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) skills.

Core Data: It is basically a diligence framework for the Apple devices. It is used to store data on the Apple devices to use it again. The iOS developer must be proficient in this part. You can hire an iOS app development company for your needs.

Grand Central Dispatch: It is developed by Apple. It helps to do a lot of operations at a single time. It adds the level of concurrency to your app and thus making it more powerful. It helps the app to do a number of works, including fetching data from the web, read the touch of the user and display the data on the screen.

All the above are the iOS developer key skills that you must know to become a successful iOS developer.

Shopify Development Benefits [ Amazing Facts About Shopify Platform ]

Shopify Development Benefits: With the development of an eCommerce solution, the business situation of the sellers changed entirely. It helps to show their products online. The Development of an eCommerce Solution is a very difficult task but there are many MNC companies that help to set up a personalized Shopify store online for any type of business. There are many famous eCommerce platforms but among all Shopify is one of the most powerful eCommerce platforms.

It provides high quality, efficiency and features rich options. It also helps to create a mobile-friendly website easily and quickly.

It helps you to arrange your products, accept payment by using credit cards and respond to your clients. It is the best option for all types and size of business.

Shopify Development Benefits

Here I am sharing some of Shopify Development Benefits.

Easy to set up and Use: The Shopify platform can be set up online easily and quickly. The interface of the admin panel is user-friendly and easy to use as all the features are structured logically. It is the complete solution for the people who want the best platform. It also offers the facility of hosting and launching the website.

Appealing templates and app integration for online store: The Shopify development offers a number of professional, unique and appealing templates for your online store. The themes are fully customizable by the developer. The developers can use the rich UI to create the online store and can also integrate the apps easily. This helps to create a unique and amazing online store for your business.

Security and Reliability: Another Shopify development benefit is that it is highly secure and reliable. The online store needs a high level of security as it deals with the personal and financial data of the users. With the help of Shopify, you can develop a fast, secure and full-time online website. It will always take care of the page loading speed, upgrades, server maintenance and offers shopping cart at all the time. It uses the SSL for encrypting the data and making a secure connection for its users.

Excellent Loading Speed: The Shopify development has optimized hardware and software and has the highly reliable infrastructure. It offers your store website fast loading speed.

Powerful Marketing Tools: One of the most amazing Shopify development benefits is its marketing edge. It offers advanced analytics of eCommerce. It offers many marketing tools which help in promoting your online store website including discount coupons, gift cards, and many others.

Mobile Responsiveness: The Shopify Web development Company offers mobile responsiveness for your eCommerce store. All the themes of Shopify are mobile responsive which helps the website to open even on mobiles. The Shopify store can also be managed by using apps of iPhone and Android.

Outstanding Customer Support: It offers 24 x 7 times or all-time customer support. You can contact them through mobile, chat and email. The response time of the queries is also very fast. There are also a lot of community forums, help centers, and guides.

All these are the Shopify Development Benefits. With all these amazing benefits it is one of the best choices for the development of eCommerce Store. So, Hire Shopify Developers for your needs.

SEO Company in Dubai and Choosing Right SEO Service Provider

SEO Company in Dubai: Talking in context of the present scenario, if you’re thinking about taking real and big advantage of grabbing business opportunities in Dubai then your website has to be visible in search engines. With the rapid pace of globalization, a lot of things has changed in Dubai and at the same time to remain visible in local search engine has got a lot of competitors. Dubai is a tech hub in the Middle East region and has got various areas of the city that are completely focused on the internet. In fact, in last few years, a large tech presence in Dubai and given raised the popularity of SEO and has elevated the alertness of SEO in the region.

SEO Services in Dubai

Though there are many resemblances in the way SEO is done in Dubai in comparison to various other cities around the world, but there are few other vital factors to count to get a competitive advantage.

  • Though, Google is the dominant search engine in Dubai, but it is a multilingual city. Companies to gain a top position in search engine in Dubai must need to cover each of the languages like Arabic, English, Farsi, Urdu, and Hindi that are important in Dubai.
  • In addition, to get your website rank in Google in Dubai, it also gets vital to target a different selection of keywords associated to your industry to acquire right traffic from numerous demographics in Dubai.
  • If your business is planning to target a specific chunk of customers Dubai, then it may be vital to also incorporate target keywords in title & Meta description of your website.
  • User experience for Dubai visitors also have a very important influence on ranking your website.

Consequently with many factors that affects the performance and ranking of your website in Google in Dubai, it is vital to make your presence felt online. But all these is not achievable without a good and proper SEO strategy and employing SEO campaign. SEO services in Dubai from a well reputed SEO company in Dubai could assist you rank for search engines and become the opening audience choice.

The growing industry has made SEO Companies in Dubai introduce very competitive prices. In fact, it is turning out very complex to choose the best one. However, it is very vital for you to understand that a quality SEO company in Dubai is one that has the following qualities:

  • Perform Adequate Analysis: A good SEO service provider in Dubai will always take time to analyze your website and then submit their consultation results. However, nothing would be better than a situation when a chosen SEO company come up with set of questions you might require to achieve. Always ask about the mileposts they recommend to you if you take them up on their offer. In fact, you must also raise your query about the methods they recommend and how to measure the possible outcomes.
  • Sets Realistic and Achievable Milestones: A good company offering SEO service in Dubai, will never want to profit from their old customers. In fact, they always want to create more businesses. In their plan drafts, you might expect to see few tactics to advance cognizance about your brand.
  • Good Project Record: Let us not forget that a good SEO company in Dubai will always mention about their case studies when you would require to make campaign decisions. They may publish these case studies or may even refer it to you. A good portfolio and reviews always talks about their SEO services and methods.

As a business owner, selecting an SEO company in Dubai you better resist the temptation to choose one based mainly on price offered by the company. No doubt, hiring a SEO company comes with few risks but a right selection will always result in getting a fruitful result.

Feature of SEO Services for Your Business

Internet has changed the world of communications, information and relationships between people. You do not find on the Internet through online marketing and specifically to a strategy of SEO in Google.

Currently, especially in India, all information searches go through the Google search engine. The first companies or product names are the most relevant for that reason be well positioned in this search is certainly a prerequisite for your brand image and increase your sales exponentially element. 74% of users who search on Google checks only the first page results before you click on one of them.

Feature of SEO Services for Your Business

Organic SEO is not an immediate process, appear on the first page of Google results often requires a continuous effort of several months through a SEO services.

SEO Services in India to improve your SEO

Previous Audit: Conducted a comprehensive study of the content of its website in order to analyze and understand the contents.

Web Optimization: we study the structure, programming and content of its website in order to optimize properly for the search engines. We perform SEO strategy optimization in three steps:

  • STEP-1

We analyze all the pages that make up your website and identify the most critical, in order to make them more recognizable by bots and crawlers from search engines (pages with programming, dynamic pages in PHP / ASP / JSP / JAVA, pages under SSL, etc.).

  • STEP-2

We define and identify the most appropriate and effective keywords for your website.

  • STEP-3

Optimizing on-page factors for projects or as a content manager (Code, web design) and off-page affecting the SEO positioning, such as a good information architecture, friendly URLs, landing pages, contents, improved upload speed, quality links that link to your website (link building).

Monthly Report Results:  Within our SEO services, every month will send a detailed report with the results obtained by the SEO of your website in various search engines report and proposals for improvement that allow you to have a successful project In Internet.

Our main goal is to make your potential customers find your website for targeted keywords set by the client. Gems Digital Media is an agency of SEO in India, specializing in search engine optimization in English, Dutch, French, German and any international language to strategies of link building international, integrating the role of the SEO consultant in the agency model of online marketing. We will not disappoint the project for you. We also do the best applications for mobile market.

SEO Services for International

Gems Digital Media is an agency expert in high quality SEO Services to internationalize projects and maximize ROI. The growing need to open business in new markets has made ​​us experts in international SEO. Do not hesitate, Gems Digital Media will provide the services of SEO market leaders at the best price.