BEP 20 Token Development

Create your BEP 20 like Token on the
Binance Smart Chain for your Token Business

Binance is empowering themselves in the crypto space by coming up with new innovations thereby helping the traders and investors to indulge in the crypto sector more conveniently. With the arrival of NFT, Binance has come up with BSC to create a parallel network to the Binance chain with specific functionalities like smart chain functionality that is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).


We Gems helps you to kickstart your token from an extended ERC 20 token with the BEP 20 token development services that run on the Binance Smart Chain. Our BSC is noted for its speed, flexibility and decentralization that makes it an effective platform to create your BEP 20 token for your business. Reach us to get instant and effective BEP 20 like token development solutions for your token business.

Steps Involved in
Creating BEP20 Token

We help you to create BEP20 tokens by carefully following the required steps to create a well-deserving token for your business.

Step 1

Adopting a multi-coin wallet to your token – We help you to integrate your wallet and adopt them on a specific operational framework.

Step 2

We help you to sort out the wallet address to the desired token through a smart chain wallet.

Step 3

Start compiling codes by performing asset acceptance. We recommend BNB as it is the basic crypto in the Binance network.

Step 4

We assist your token to get redirected to the Integrated Development Environment for core asset management solutions.

Step 5

We assist your token to get redirected to the Integrated Development Environment for core asset management solutions.

Step 6

The smart contract is operable in various networks and we help you to get the best operational framework for your business.

Types of BEP 20 Token Development

Initiate your token like BEP 20 based on the business vertical you are starting with. The types of BEP 20 token development include

Governance Token

Create your governance based BEP 20 token and allow your users to vote on any changes in the token mechanism.

Steps Involved in Creating BEP20 Token

Token creation

We offer outstanding ERC20 token creation services on the Ethereum blockchain with customizable options to add or remove features based on your business requirements

Token transfer

It is cool to turn your phone into a dedicated ethereum wallet that can transact communication values which can be verified by mathematical means.

Cold Storage

Our cold storage facility provides utmost security to your token as we offer the best cold storage services with hardware security

Github Source code

It is the public ledger of cryptocurrencies that allows the transactions to get verified and added to the blockchain ledger

Token migration

Migrate your ERC20 tokens from betanet to the mainnet of the Ethereum blockchain using our Token migration services

ICO token development

Launch your ICO token for your business or start your crowdfunding with the best ERC20 token development software

Token wallet development

Make your transactions more faster and reliable with our ERC20 based token wallet development and integration services

Token listing

Start your ERC20 token and list them in the popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms with the assistance of our expert blockchain team

Benefits of Our ERC20 Token Development Services

Fast & efficient transactions

Efficient token transfer and management

No risk of contract interruption

High secure blockchain support

Easy token implementation and execution

Manage token supply

Token listing in popular cryptocurrency exchanges

Quick fundraising

Features of Our ERC20 Token Development

Interact with other cryptocurrencies

By initiating your ERC20 token, you can interact with other cryptocurrencies & exchange cryptocurrencies in your ethereum wallet

Smart contract functionality

No need to go for a separate smart contract management team as ERC20 is equipped with smart contract functionality thereby making your business digitally legal & secure

Dapp operations

You can ensure your operation with other Decentralized applications (DApps) with our ERC20 token development services

Instant transactions

Conduct your transactions instantly. Each and every transaction gets stored in the Ethereum Blockchain ledger

High security

We offer the best Ethereum ERC20 token development that is highly secure with customizable security features


We help your users to trade and manage your tokens effectively by providing chat box and forum options in your token software

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