Drizly Clone – On Demand Liquor Delivery Marketplace App Development

Covid 19 opens a new door of opportunity for the on-demand marketplace and eCommerce industry. During a pandemic, Drizly come up and deliver liquor to people in the USA and was called Amazon of the liquor industry.


Liquor Delivery apps provide a broad selection of drinks to users, as they are able to select them and place a purchase through the app. Another benefit they get is the ability to purchase alcohol for a reasonable cost. It is due to the fact that more people have started using the app. If you’re looking to develop an app similar to the Drizly Clone app go through the blog for insights.


Why should you make an app like Drizly?

When you examine the story of success for Amazon and Drizly and Drizly, then you can see that all apps have based their businesses on an aggregator model. In simple terms, they’ve been an intermediary between the customers and shop owners. Additionally, they make huge profits from delivering items to the doorstep of the buyer.


The Drizly App has made it quite clear that users will never have to visit the liquor store again. It is possible to create an identical liquor delivery service and make money. Since the customers feel it is too easy to order the liquor they require in the near future there won’t be the need for physical stores.


Why should you make an app like Drizly?

When you examine the story of success for Amazon and Drizly and Drizly, then you can see that all apps have based their businesses on an aggregator model. In simple terms, they’ve been an intermediary between the customers and shop owners. Additionally, they make huge profits from delivering items to the doorstep of the buyer.


The Drizly App has made it quite clear that users will never have to visit the liquor store again. It is possible to create an identical liquor delivery service and make money. Since the customers feel it is too easy to order the liquor they require in the near future there won’t be the need for physical stores.


Let’s take more look into the statistics and data of the on-demand liquor industry

  • As of March 2020, the sales of alcohol on the internet have increased by 243 percent. Compared to the previous few years, alcohol sales of tequila, wine, and beer have increased.
  • In 2017, the alcohol on-demand delivery market’s value net was $1439 billion, and its market value is expected to grow to $1684 billion by 2025.
  • According to IBISWorld, the value of the market for online alcohol within the United States is $983 million.


Important features of the Drizly app

Customer app features used for ordering

  • Log-in/registration you are able to sign-up by linking your account with your email or social media. You’ll be able to log in using the same credentials each time you log into the app for the next time.
  • Liquor Listings You can check out their entire list of alcohol and pick the ones you like. You can further narrow your search by adding in your address and the kind of alcohol you want.
  • Different Payment Methods The application features an easy process for checking out. It offers a variety of payment options, including Debit Card, Credit Card Net Banking, E-wallets, Net Banking, and COD.
  • Push Notifications You get notifications about payments, orders, and other important notifications.
  • Geo-Tracking Track your order as well as the ETA.
  • Reviews and Feedback This feature lets users provide feedback and a rating. You can give scores to each delivery service and to the app overall.


Drizly Partners app features

  • Log-in/Registration Delivery partners can sign up using their email addresses or social media accounts, and utilize the same login credentials each time.
  • Accepting and denial of requests Delivery partners are able to accept or decline requests within a certain period of time. It is based on their availability, schedule, and the location of the home or the vendor.
  • Customer’s Information and Order Details Upon confirmation the delivery company is notified of the entire customer’s information. This includes the address of the customer and contact information, as well as the items ordered, the total amount that was paid, and other details.
  • Google Maps Tracking, Status, and Delivery The navigation feature let the driver get to the exact location of the client. The driver can also alter the delivery status to En-route, Arrived delivered, Arrived, etc.


Why did we develop the Drizly Clone app for your liquor delivery business?

We already have an on-demand e-commerce delivery app platform that can be customized as per your requirement so turn around time to launch your online business will be reduced and it will impact a lot of things including finances and more.


How much does it cost to develop an app like Drizly?

If you create from scratch it must go a lot of investment of time and cost too, but we have ready to go solution and it will be delivered very fast and cost-effective too. You can save money on development and invest more in marketing after the launch of the platform.


If you are looking for On-Demand Alcohol Delivery App Development Then contact us now.




Top 3 Best Apps for Weed Delivery/marijuana order online in the USA

There are two types of legalization of marijuana in the USA, one is medical weed and the second is recreational weed approval. These are the 18 states, plus Washington, D.C., that allow recreational weed use–and medical marijuana, as well. New Mexico, Connecticut, and Virginia are the most recent additions, with legal weed permitted to residents in all three as of July 1.


Here is the full list of 18 states where weed is legal in the USA.

  • Arkansas
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • New Hampshire
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Dakota
  • Utah
  • West Virginia

There are multiple platforms and apps available to order you weed, few offer medical only and few offer medical + recreational weed delivery options within the app. Among a lot of apps, we filter the top 3 apps for weed delivery in the USA, which cover most of the area of usa and have a large number of dispensaries listed on their platform.


1. Eaze

Eaze becomes the largest platform for delivery weed in the USA offering same-day delivery in 100+ cities of the USA. they carried over 100+ brands and 600+ different product categories on their platform and estimated annual revenue of  $252 Million.


Key features of the Eaze app :

  • Find the latest products on the market with detailed information
  • Deliver the product to the address within a specified time frame
  • Find out the most recent news in the field
  • Order tracking in real-time and also know estimated delivery time

App links :


For Android: 


For IOS:


2. Weedmaps

Weedmaps has the largest dispensaries listed on its platform as initially, it was used as a directory of dispensaries, and after they started storefront to order products online. If you are looking to find dispensaries near you then weed maps is the first choice for you. They also have a huge number of orders and have an estimated revenue of 220 Million.


Key features of the weed maps app:

  • Find dispensaries nearby according to the location.
  • Find a comprehensive guide to weed.
  • Find thousands of options in dispensaries and menus.
  • offers the top and most frequent deals.

App links :


For Android:


For IOS:


3. Leafly

Leafly has the largest strain details, which help you to find which strain is best for you and you can order it from the same platform if you are confused about which strain you should take and want to research it, Leafly is the best platform for you to start with. They have estimated revenue of 129 million annually.


Key features of the Leafly app :

  • Find a doctor who is a legal one or clinic, as well as a pot shipment.
  • A simple and easy method to understand hash.
  • Use the map to find the nearest delivery location for pots.
  • Updates in real-time and notifications on deals.

App links :


For Android:


For IOS:


If you are looking for On-Demand Weed Delivery App Development Then contact us now.


Everything You Need to Know About Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool

With billions of web pages on the internet, there is a cut-throat competition to attract visitor’s attention and get more traffic. Several factors have a direct impact on the traffic of a particular webpage. The faster a webpage loads, the chances of it getting more visitors increase, and it is also one of the parameters used by Google for ranking web pages Search Results. Search Engine Optimization or SEO are techniques to improve your PageRank on Google and get more visitors. 


Google’s PageSpeed Insights(PSI) tool gives an analysis of how a webpage performs on desktop and mobile devices. It also gives suggestions on how that page can be improved.

This tool provides both lab results as well as field results for a page. Lab results are useful for debugging, but they are obtained in a controlled environment, not in a real-world environment. Field data provides data from real-world experiences but provides limited metrics. 


Nobody likes to have a slow-loading website, as people move to other websites that will provide the information they are looking for. Google keeps a watch on how fast or slow a website is to use this parameter in its PageRank algorithm. 


Let’s find out what exactly Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool is and how you can use it to your advantage. 


What is Page Speed?


Page Speed is defined by Google in two ways:


  1. How fast does the content on the home page appear?
  2. How long does it take the browser to fully load the page?


How fast a webpage will load depends on various factors, including the domain’s web hosting service, the user’s internet speed, and even cache clearance. Thus, overall speed is not entirely in the hands of the website owner. However, the web owner can optimize elements like JavaScript, images, videos, and more. By trying to optimize your web page speed, you indicate to Google that you want to provide a high-quality experience to your site visitors. 


What is Google’s PageSpeed Insights (PSI)?


PageSpeed Insights is a free performance tool provided by Google that analyzes a particular webpage and provides scores for page speed, both for mobile and desktop versions. It also identifies elements that can be improved upon to make the page load faster. Other tools are also available for webmasters, but PSI is by far the best tool for SEO professionals.


PSI score is a high-level performance overview but not an official ranking factor of Google. However, some of the metrics of PSI that are used to calculate the score, like Core Web Vitals, are a part of Google’s ranking algorithm. Thus, PSI scores give a good indication of whether a webpage matches Google’s performance standards. 


This means that page speed optimization should be a part of your Search Engine Optimization strategy. Statistics reveal that just a 1 to 5-second delay increases the probability of visitors leaving the page by 90%, and conversion rates drop by an average of 4.42% with every additional second of delay. 


Using the PSI Tool


To use the tool, you have to enter the URL of the page in the toolbar, click on Analyze, and the tool will start scanning the webpage. Firstly, it will gather the page’s “Field Data” or the performance data contained in Chrome User Experience Report(CrUX). Next, it will analyze your page’s performance via the Lighthouse API. This is done in a simulated and controlled environment and is referred to as “Lab Data.” 


Understanding the PSI Report


Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool will generate a detailed report, including field data, lab data, diagnostics, passed audits, and opportunities. The report makes use of color coding to indicate areas that are doing well, need improvement or are underperforming.


  • Green = Good
  • Yellow = Needs Improvement
  • Red = Poor


Let’s have a look at each area of the report.


Field Data


This breaks down the page’s performance into four primary metrics, which capture different aspects of speed and load time.


  • First Contentful Paint (FCP): It indicates the time it takes for the first text or image asset to load
  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): It indicates the time it takes for the largest text or image asset to load
  • First Input Delay (FID): It indicates the time it takes for the browser to respond to a user’s first interaction
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): It measures any movement of the page in the viewport

Except for CLS, all other metrics are measured in milliseconds or seconds. CLS is calculated via a specialized formula, and a CLS score below 0.1 is considered good, whereas a score above 0.25 is considered poor. Field data included in the report is of the previous 28 days and is always presented with accompanying distribution bars. This is done because Field Data comprises aggregated data from the CrUX report, and the same webpage will never perform exactly the same for all visitors. 


Lab Data


PSI Lab Data includes synthetic data from the Lighthouse API, which measures FCP, LCP, CLS, and three other metrics.



Speed Index: The time is taken by the content to visually appear during page load.


Time To Interactive: Time taken by the page to become fully interactive.


Total Blocking Time: The sum of the time between FCP and full interactivity.


There will be no bars like the Field Data but only time stamps and results. 


Opportunities & Diagnostics


This section provides recommendations for improving page speed and the estimated time savings in implementing the recommendations. You have to click on the drop-down arrow next to any given Opportunity in the report. 


The Diagnostics section of the report mentions the best practices that the webpage does not appear to be following. Select the drop-down arrow to get more details about the best practice and which particular part of the webpage is related to that issue. 


Passed Audits


This lists those segments on which the webpage is performing well. The longer the list of passed audits, the better it is for the web page. 




Final Thoughts…


Google PageSpeed Insights is a useful tool to improve your website’s overall performance. However, wasting a lot of time on achieving a 100/100 score is not worth it. This will take your attention away from other important factors which enable a web page to get more visitors. However, You can make use of the tool to find out areas that are not aligned with best practices and to know the recommendations provided by Google. Everything put together will improve your search result’s rankings, which ultimately means more leads and conversions!

Leafly Clone – Grow your cannabis / Marijuana business online with apps

There is certainly a dramatic increase in medical and recreational marijuana use. Several online directories are launched to showcase the top dispensaries near the consumer’s location. Leafly is already helping dispensary and medical delivery firms increase their revenue within a short period of time. We’ve listed everything you need to know about Leafly as well as the revenue and business model, which will allow you to gain an understanding of how the business of cannabis delivery is currently in operation.


  • It is home to the largest amount of dispensaries in California there are 1366 listed, New York 1902, and Michigan 1198.
  • Leafly – recently started startup of online weed delivery platform has raised $33 million during June of 2021.
  • In total, the Leafly website and apps are greater than 120 million people who visit every year.

  • There was a significant increase to 71% in sales of cannabis in the last year.

  • In addition, American customers bought weed products that were worth $18.3 billion in 2020.


Why Leafly clone?

If you want to boost start your weed delivery platform then we already created and worked with clients which means you will get your running business online faster than any other. We also offer customized options so you can get as per your needs too. We understand all legal aspects and requirements of the weed industry and we already incorporated them into our solution of weed delivery app development.


Important features of Leafly Clone

Strain Database Search

Leafly provides strain explorer which helps customers to find strains that suit and match with requirements and also it is updated too.


Dispensary Locator

Customers can find nearby dispensaries with zip codes or mobile locations which help to get fast delivery or pick up from the dispensary.



Customers can add reviews of products and strains which help other customers to find facts and choose their next order.


What is the revenue model of Leafly? Or what is the business model of the Leafly platform?

Leafly makes revenue from list dispensaries on their platform, which is from owners of businesses and its monthly fixed amount based on locations/zip codes they want to list. Also, they charge a commission from orders, advertise on their platform and offer distribution too. For the full year of 2022, Leafly expects revenue to be in the range of $48.0 million to $51.0 million, representing 15% growth over 2021 at the midpoint.


Why did we develop the Leafly Clone app for your marijuana business?

We already have an on-demand weed delivery app platform that can be customized as per your requirement so turn around time to launch your online business will be reduced and it will impact a lot of things including finances and more.


How much does it cost to develop an app like Leafly?

If you create from scratch it must go a lot of investment of time and cost too, but we have ready to go solution and it will be delivered very fast and cost-effective too. You can save money on development and more invest in marketing after the launch of the platform.


10 Reasons to use Shopify

There are many e-commerce websites that are available today to help power the online business and no matter whether it is a startup or multi-national enterprise or any other best option you want to settle in. The best available platform is Shopify a sophisticated E-commerce platform used to run over 1 million online businesses in 175 different countries.

It is a straight choice for merchants as it offers many quickly build and launch online businesses and start selling to a target market, whether local or global. Shopify hires dedicated developers in india.

1. Affordable price:

An important consideration when considering an e-commerce platform is price. Having Shopify as an advantage is that they offer price ranges for various businesses, from startups looking to start small, to Fortune 500 companies. Once deciding to commit with Shopify website fees are affordable and contracts with Shopify are renewed monthly. Monthly plans on Shopify cost $29 a month at the lowest standard plan. Here is a short overview of Shopify’s standard plans:

  • Basic Shopify:Monthly Cost: $29, Transaction Fees 2.9% + $0.30
  • ‍Shopify:Monthly Cost: $79, Transaction Fees: 2.6% + $0.30
  • ‍Advanced Shopify: ‍Monthly Cost: $299, Transaction Fees: 2.4% + $0.30

2. Safe, Secure, and Reliable:

Shopify is a PCI Complaint that invested a lot of money and time into it to ensure that its solution is safe and secure for both merchants and shoppers. This platform is very up-to-date with automatic security updates that help keep merchant and customer data safe against fraud.

Shopify is a SaaS-hosted solution which means that your store is being hosted fully on their servers providing the merchants with a 99.98% uptime guarantee which helps merchants avoid losses in sales due to their store crashing during times of heavy web traffic.

3. Visually Appealing Shopify Themes:

The main course in the business is the theme and Shopify offers its users beautifully designed, versatile, and sophisticated website themes. They offer 15 free templates from their store which help to build your website with an option to customize which makes you feel like your brand.

The templates are designed to be fully responsive, and capable of adjusting their layout as per the device of customers they are watching. All Shopify stores which are now come with default and free theme which is Dawn which is a highly sophisticated, aesthetically pleasing theme that allows your products to take center stage and also offers premium users themes with prices that range between $150 to $350.

4. 24/7 Support:

As per our choice the Shopify plans entitle you to some of the best free customer support that any e-commerce platform could offer. If You can count on Shopify at any time if we get stuck in any process while opening and running the online shop. Due to a dedicated Shopify developer, we can provide the bests solutions.

5. Easy to use:

This app is process of its ease to use and merchants who don’t want to have any complications with the systems and website as the Shopify app designs its technology for the less tech-savvy to be able to navigate administrative tasks. The main admin page of the app is made user-friendly and intuitive where you will find that the interface is logically structured and is easy to take up with some online resources and communities which help one to guide users to quickly find and understand the ins and outs of their store.

6. Powerful SEO:

A major advantage of using Shopify is its powerful SEO. Every customer wants to be on the first page of Google SEO results so we can count on Shopify it helps to boost one website’s ranking on SERPs so that other people can count by organic means.

This app covers all the SEO necessities with built-in tools and functions from the admin to help you rank and with Shopify, you’ll be able to easily customize meta-titles, and meta-descriptions, have custom URLs and add images and ALT texts to your shop. On this website loading speed and uptime is great. And very important to SEO because faster loading times improve customer satisfaction, also an important ranking factor on the Google search engine.

7. Sell in multiple languages and currencies:

This app allows in many languages and currencies which increases the sale for merchants selling in multiple countries and regions. An international customer can view prices for products and services, checkout, and receive refunds in their local currency. Prices are converted according to current exchange rates.

And also this app allows merchants to sell in up to 20 different languages, giving merchants another great advantage as people tend to prefer shopping in their native language to make them understand the products, marketing, and store policies.

8. Multiple Sales Channels:

Main advantage of using this app because Shopify is selling on Multiple Sales channels as it represents your business on a different platform and keeps track of the same products. With Shopify, we can sell our products globally and on social media. You can access sales channels via the Shopify dashboard where one can add many channels very quickly and easily.

which include Facebook, Instagram, and many more they also offer solutions for e-commerce businesses with retail locations and also for merchants who attend pop-up events, and markets with the Shopify Point of Sales app or POS which helps you to track your orders and inventory in one place which helps you to view and manage orders from a single location.

9. Shopify Apps:

Shopify apps allow their merchants an extensive app store for those who wish to bring in a variety of functions to their shop. 3 parties mostly develop the apps which help one to monetize the store and hit the sales target. These apps are there to include product reviews for stores, help to improve marketing, send email alerts, and many more.

10. Payment Gateways multiple:

They provide users and merchants a great user experience alike through their variety of payment gateways. Shopify offers a Shopify payment method that allows the customer to pay for products and allows to receive payment in any way to secure and in highly convenient methods. The best system provided by them is Shopify Payments which is powered by Stripe. Merchants who use this method are not charged regular transaction fees, which makes it a popular option other options are gpay, Paytm, and many more.


As we can see there are many dedicated Shopify developers who are ready to provide the best solutions to clients across the globe. Since we offer many available options for your problems and are available 24/7 and can be done in less price and those who are regular merchants we can provide them fewer charges and since we dedicated team of Shopify full of enthusiasm of Shopify developer, theme developer and many more we assure you to give the best solutions.

How Can a Mobile App Benefit Your Pharmacy Business?

Find out about the advantages of pharmacy apps for consumers and providers, as well as the key features that make a pharmacy app valuable.

The advancements in Healthcare Sector have brought about transformative changes to pharmacy. Pharmacy apps are now widely accepted and have gained immense popularity. Online buyers can enjoy a rich experience with a pharmacy app. They can get their medicines delivered to their homes quickly and easily without ever having to go to the store.

Global Market Insights, a respected research portal, found that the ePharmacy market grew at 16.8% CAGR between 2022 and 2028 according to a survey.

Entrepreneurs should seriously consider creating a pharmacy app. This article outlines the advantages of investing in pharmacy app design and provides insight on the essential features that a pharmacy app should have.

Pharmacy Apps have some essential features that increase their value

Other than the standard functions like customer login, push notifications and customer feedback, there are other functionalities that you should consider. Your pharmacy app should have additional features. These features are worth looking at!

Medicine Description


Individuals who purchase a particular medicine will be reassured by a comprehensive description of the medication, including its dosage, method of use, side effects, storage directions and reviews from others.

Simple Ordering


It should be simple and straightforward to place an order. It is recommended that you have a virtual shopping cart to consolidate patient orders, order tracking, and secure payment options for customers.

Smart Search Feature


Smart search simplifies the process of searching for medicines. A consumer can search for medicine based on type of medicine, equipment, preferred location, etc.

Uploading and refilling prescriptions


It is a good idea to give patients the option of uploading their doctor’s prescription directly onto the applications. The search engine will then take care of all the rest. Patients can avoid the time and hassle of searching for each medicine individually. It is also important to include refilling prescriptions. This will save patients time and effort in visiting a pharmacy.

Get advice from a professional


Customers who use pharmacy apps will find this feature very useful and desirable. In this area, customers can seek professional advice from pharmacists if they have questions about certain medications or encounter problems while searching for a medicine. Chat or phone calls are options for this service.

Why you should build a mobile app for your pharmacy business Brand Recognition, Marketing and Awareness

A pharmacy application that is well designed and SEO-friendly, with your logo, photos of your store, easy purchasing options and other details about you business, can do wonders for branding and marketing.

Apps have replaced the traditional method of showing your brand’s products/services through brochures and catalogs. An app does this more efficiently. Your app allows customers to access digital catalogs easily and receive push notifications about new deals and offers. Although customers may not receive push notifications, they will miss advertisements, emails and social media posts. You are always present in the customer’s mind. This strategy is more effective than website marketing.

Customers will also be more inclined to share your app with friends. This will help you establish your digital presence.

More transparency


Apps for pharmacy that provide comprehensive information about the offerings and standards are a great way to build trust with customers. This makes your services more attractive and transparent. Transparency is increased when an app is well-organized, easily accessible, and provides detailed information about medications.

Get insight into Buying Trends and Improvement Areas


Many pharmacy apps integrate an analytical tool to help analyze user behavior. This tool gives pharmacy businesses valuable information about the buying habits and patterns of their customers. The tool allows pharmacy store owners to identify weak points and areas for improvement. The app can be updated from time to time with new features that will increase sales.


Through digital feedback forms, pharmacy owners can learn more about their customers’ needs and preferences.

Businesses can improve their efficiency, service quality, expand their service offerings, and implement appropriate consumer engagement strategies to attract more customers. Isn’t this a smart strategy for business growth?

How to increase customer loyalty and promote sales?

Business owners can use pharmacy apps to send important information to their customers via push notifications about sales, discounts, stock arrivals, and other promotional offers. Pharmacy owners can reach customers more effectively by using this strategy because they can take their smartphone with them everywhere. Your app’s online traffic will increase if you personalize customers’ shopping experience.


The pharmacy apps allow customers to shop anywhere, even outside the store. They can deliver 24 hours a day and are able to provide 24/7 services. Online catalogs are constantly updated and provide customers with timely information. Customers can also avail of customized discounts which will give them more value.

Delivering a rich customer experience

Advanced pharmacy apps provide a responsive solution to modern tech-savvy customers in every way possible and increase the number of touchpoints.


Apps make it easy to order prescriptions online or have medicines delivered right at your doorstep. This makes it easier for patients to manage their prescriptions and increases the PDC (proportional days covered) score of patients. The app automatically reminds customers when they need to order medication and allows them to refill prescriptions instantly without ever having to go to the pharmacy.


Consumers can select from multiple secure payment options with a HIPAA compliant app. Apps can store card information of customers and allow them to access payment apps such as PayPal, which will simplify the payment process for online buyers.


The app allows for online consultations between the patient and pharmacist. The app reduces friction in the pharmacy workflow and every patient who book a consultation gets quality care without any waiting.

Online Pharmacy App: Lowest Investment Costs and Minimal Risks

On-demand delivery app businesses don’t need to rent physical space, hire staff, or equip their stores with the necessary items. To build a responsive, scalable and feature-rich pharmacy app, they only need to hire mobile app developers. This will allow them to sell and generate revenue, rope in delivery personnel, and team up with a delivery company aggregator.


Entrepreneurs who plan to open a digital pharmacy will also enjoy a faster launch time, greater flexibility, and lower risk than physical stores.

Prevention of misuse of high dose/sensitive drugs

The security of prescriptions and the prevention of misuse must be ensured by pharmacy store owners. This activity can be very difficult for pharmacy store owners who own physical shops. Tracking the purchase history of customers who visit the physical store takes time and effort. Today’s pharmacy apps make it easy. Advanced features of pharmacy apps allow customers to link their identity cards before they receive sensitive or high-dosage drugs.


This allows for the monitoring of prescriptions and past purchases. The pharmacy mobile app tracks every customer’s purchase history, including their current/previous orders as well as the amount of medicine purchased. This allows pharmacists to easily regulate sensitive drug purchases and prevent misuse.

Constant Supply


Patients need medicine immediately or in a short amount of time so a constant supply is essential. Pharmacy providers need to ensure there is a steady supply of medicines. With an app, this is simple to keep in mind as orders are placed directly to bulk medicine suppliers or pharmaceutical companies. This eliminates the possibility of stock shortages when retailers or individuals place orders via an app.

It saves time for both consumers and providers


Online catalogs provide detailed information about the products and customers can then check the availability of the medicines. Then, they can place an order for delivery to their home. This allows customers to save a lot of time and effort.


Apps have opened up new digital channels that can distribute the work load of pharmacies. Self-service for customers and automation of some manual store-related tasks can save time and allow businesses focus on their core activities.

End Note

A pharmacy app can be a powerful tool in marketing, branding, attracting customers and providing better services. It is also the fastest and most cost-efficient method of generating revenue for businesses.


You just need to team up with a skilled and experienced Online Pharmacy App Development company such as gemsdogotalmedia. Many businesses around the world have used our services to create profitable apps.

How Can You Hire The Best Shopify Developers?

Shopify, with multiple layers of complexities and supplementary tools, can act as one of the most prominent advantages. But it can be difficult to understand if you are not familiar with the platform and this is why you need experts like Shopify developers who can help you out with your vision. But how do you figure out which hire Shopify developer, well, worry not! We are here to help you in the right direction.

What does a Shopify developer do?

Before looking at those criteria of figuring out which Shopify developer is going to be the best for you, it is important to understand what they do and can help you out with. They help you with various software-based problems and great solutions that help strengthen your e-commerce site. They know the workings of the industry so they make your work smoother and faster, so hop on board and look for ways to choose the very best for you.

How to Choose the best option?

In this field of so many, how do you decide, which works for you and which doesn’t? Here are a few simple steps to keep in mind while selecting from your options:

  • Ask the right question

See if they have a portfolio and have had previous experience in building an e-commerce website. See, if they are familiar with the workings of the industry as it can help you hire someone who will not be completely clueless. And most important if they are ready to understand you and your vision as at the end of the day it is your platform.

  • Establish The Specification

It is important for you to know why you need a Shopify developer. So, let your vision be clear to you, and know the things you need help with. Remember a single platform cannot tick all the boxes, so focus on the things that you want to highlight and make perfect. In doing so, it becomes easier for the Shopify developer to work with your plan.

  • Know The Marketplaces

You need to know the marketplace you would be working with, so you can either post for a position and describe the things you require from the expert or find someone recommended on the marketplace.

  • Ask for a Portfolio

If someone is working in the field one of the easiest ways to know if they are good is to see their previous work. See, if they have had prior experience working in related subjects and you can also check their early works to understand what you would want and the things you would want to avoid.

  • Check the Pricing

Remember that hiring an expert can be expensive. So, always talk about them with the cost. You also need to fix your budget so that you do not exceed it. If someone has already spoken about the expenses without even listening to your requirements, it is better to avoid them.

  • Someone who pays heed to your vision

It is important for the Shopify developer to listen to you but not always agree with it. It would be better if they know the workings and listen to your vision but incorporate their ideas too so that it can be a proper functioning work.

  • Shortlist multiple Developers

It is advisable to shortlist multiple developers as only initially a single person will not fit your criteria. So, interview multiple Shopify developers as then you would get to know what you require and what you don’t.

There are multiple Shopify Developers in the industry to choose from so keep in mind all these specifics to choose what you need. Find someone who aligns with your vision and can enhance it as it would be the best option for you.

Choose the Right Shopify Developers

Too many choices can be confusing while selecting the Shopify developers that fit your business. So, it’s important to understand the things you need and that work for you. Here are a few key factors that you need to keep in mind to select your Shopify developers.

Essentials to remember while choosing your Shopify Developers:

  • Check out reviews: Give a thorough check and read the reviews while selecting a Shopify developer as this is the best manner you can understand their credibility. See if the reviews are authentic, checking them can help you understand if they fit your vision and it can be extremely helpful in shortlisting from the list of many. Consider checking reviews on social media platforms, and remember some bad reviews do not mean that they are a bad service provider. Check the authenticity of the websites and see if they are spammy or not.
  • Check the portfolio: Remember that a portfolio is extremely important in this field, as it can help you understand the previous work they have done. It can help you understand the types of sites they could provide. Check their recent work and also keep a lookout for bad examples, so you can understand the things, you want to avoid.
  • Check if they fit your business: The Shopify developer’s website and portfolio will help you understand if they will be beneficial to your business, their attitude and approach will speak about their professionalism and how it works for you. Even if you both do not agree on all the ideas, it will always be helpful to know if it fits you and your business plan. Their transparency, communication and ability to understand your vision matter a lot, even if they choose a different plan, it still helps to know if they are listening to you.
  • Knowledge of the industry: Your Shopify developer needs to understand the market and also how the industry functions. Someone with knowledge and workings of the field will be able to help and highlight their skill that can help your business. Their ability to learn and adapt is also extremely important. Check if they are up to date with technology and if they can offer more than just Shopify design.
  • The price and costing: Like any other trade, price is important in Shopify web design. If they already have a set price without even looking at your idea and communicating, it is better to avoid them. Choose someone who fits your budget, it is a competitive and somewhat expensive area, so be careful while choosing. The hourly rates vary greatly, and it is always advisable to negotiate if you have a tight budget.

It is vital to remember that you need to choose what fits your vision as only you can understand your business the best. Convey clearly what fits your website and talk about your ideas with your Shopify developers, also listen to their inputs as they will help you in better understanding the functionality and what actually might work.

Built an NFT Marketplace like OpenSea

Non-fungible tokens better known as NFT is a digital asset, based on Ethereum blockchain technology, they cannot be replaced and are unique. Slowly with time, NFTs are gaining immense popularity and that requires a platform through which people can get access to NFTs, OpenSea is one such platform. OpenSea is one of the largest markets for NFT and virtual assets.

How do NFTs work?

NFTs have become one of the most popular ways in which one can buy and sell digital artwork. They have also become a great way for artists to display their artworks. NFTs are a unit of data and blockchain-based digital files, the access to any copy of the original file is not limited to the owner of the token. But the digital files are infinitely repeatable, the NFTs that represent them are tracked on their core blocks and provide customers with proof of ownership of the NFTs.

NFT is based on uploading digital materials to the Ethereum blockchain, leading to the codification of NFT, leading to the establishment of price, ownership, and transfer records, preventing digital forgery or file replication. NFT will exist permanently on the blockchain as long as the system itself is operational. Each NFT contains unique digital pieces and is not identical. Mainly Ethereum blockchain holds NFTs but other blockchains can also support them.

NFTs are also subject to capital gains taxes as they are considered collectibles. Normally, NFTs are subject to the same tax laws as fungible cryptocurrencies.

Given the rise of NFTs, various marketplaces exist. Some of the prominent ones are:

  • OpenSea
  • Rarible
  • SuperRare
  • Foundation
  • AtomicMarket

Everything You Need to Know About OpenSea Marketplace

OpenSea is the world’s first and largest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens, launched in 2017 with $2 million and in April 2021 raised an additional $23 million with the help of the venture capital fund of Andreessen Horowitz.

Sellers of NFTs pay a 2.5% commission on any sales made through the OpenSea system. Sellers set up a wallet, create Collections, upload their work and then list them for sale, allowing the secure exchange of digital items. The default payment is made in ETH but sellers cab opt to receive payment in over 200 cryptocurrencies.

Buyers use it for free. They need to create an account to browse NFT collections. Connect the crypto wallet and explore NFTs. All the purchase transactions are in ETH, the platform converts ETH into wrapped Ethereum (WETH).

How to build an NFT marketplace?

After understanding the basics, you can create your NFT Marketplace, here are some steps you need to follow:

  • Select the right blockchain
  • Identify audience
  • Create suitable UI for NFT Marketplace
  • Specify operational domains
  • Chose tokens
  • Develop Smart Contracts
  • Test and Deploy Marketplace

You could also use the OpeanSea Clone Script, a ready-made script that helps to launch your own P2P NFT marketplace. It is always important to use an individual approach as it can help in the building of the marketplace, it is essential to not completely rip off other marketplaces, as your marketplace needs to be unique just like the NFTs it hosts.