Alcohol Delivery App Development

Enhance your alcohol business with us by creating Alcohol delivery apps. With all the technologies we will increase your demands in this alcohol industry and make your business reach at great heights. This will be possible for customers to order online alcohol by your own apps. We will help you to move your stores to an online alcohol delivery app.

Wine/Beer Delivery App Development

Many sectors have moved to this business and go digital, now there will be online alcohol delivery apps. Various categories, various rates where users can buy alcohol and deliver it to their doorstep. This app will be an alcohol ordering app and also we can be called a liquor store. We make drinking delivery apps which people wish to order online and save time. 

In minimal time this app will be on high demand for selling alcohol. This means users will get various types of liquor on your website. This will be like delivering booze at the doorstep just like food delivered. 

We gave on-time delivery and 24/7 tracking system services etc. Shine with your alcohol delivery app and let customers order freely. 

Are you looking for the best alcohol delivery app development company in India? At Gems Digital Media we Make your liquor available everywhere with liquor delivery app development with our custom alcohol delivery app development services.

Let's look at some key features of delivering app

Sign up

You can easily sign up with all the details like phone number, email address and special birthdate and year. 

Search your favourite beer

You can search beer, wine or any other alcohol that you are looking for.

Peruse by heading

 you haven’t decided then you can also choose it by the category and added to cart.

Alcohol delivery

Your alcohol will be ready to deliver at your place safely with minimal time.


Manage profiles , addresses, payment details notification settings for better user experience.


You can also send drinks to your dear ones as a gift.

Payment methods

There are different types of payment methods from which you can select and pay, it would be secured.

Register and login

Admin can easily login with all the details and easily start selling alcohol on their website.

Liquor store management

Manage all the liquor and add them on the website this has to be managed by the admin.

Customer management

Maintain all the customers will update stock and prices and fulfill their requirements.

Payments and Offers

Add account details and get more new discounts offers.

Products and price management

Admin has to check the products on the daily basis along with the prices.

Orders Management

Admin has to manage all the orders that have been placed and check if they were received by the user on given time.


Offers and Discounts

Admin has to manage discounts and offers for the customers to attract them. 


Push notifications

In this modern application notification has an integral part. from that you’ll get alert and remainders of that particular product.

Chat box

For any queries you can easily ask in the chat box. By this user will feel connected and addressed.

In app calls and messages

From this customers will directly contact the delivery agents and get them the proper delivery locations. 

Provide Support

Pharmacists will provide assistance to customers via mail or phone for their support.

Login Registration

Vendors can easily login to this and have access and serve customers through this website.

Manage Payments and Receipts

Vendors have to manage all the payments and their receipts.

Reply to Customers

Vendors can directly reply to customers about their queries and show loyalty towards them.


Technology Used


Your app will have all the features so we can’t tell you the estimated cost before. For that you have to connect with us.

It will take some days to develop the app; it will depend upon the complexity of the app and structure. 

Yes, it will have all the customization you want. You can directly connect with us on this journey. Contact us for all the details.


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