6 Things to Mind While Hiring an SEO Expert

Search engines like Google has become the way of life. In last two decades, Google search engine has the greatest penetration in the social life of human kind. Other search engines like Yahoo and Bing etc. have been well outclassed by Google. Ranking in Google top search engine result pages (SERPs) define the success of a business. Search engines change the algorithm of rankings very often to make the results more relevant. For a top ranking, businesses require to hire an SEO expert. It makes the chances better to rank their professional website.

6 Things to Mind While Hiring an SEO Expert

Making web pages search engine friendly is called search engine optimization (SEO). There are two chapters in any SEO process,

  • On-page optimization – All the works done on the pages of the website undergoing SEO, falls under on-page SEO.
  • Off-page optimization – All works carried beyond the web pages of the website undergoing SEO, falls under off-page SEO.

A top rank depends on both the above optimization process and neither can be ignored. An SEO professional considered an expert because of the strategies and execution.

Look for Following While Hiring an SEO Professional

  1. Experience Matters – Ask about the number of years of experience. As much experience that much better. SEO experience can’t be ignored at all. Experienced SEO professionals must have seen the ups and downs of the Google rankings due to algorithm changes frequently. Bouncing back from the lower ranks is very important. This reflects the understanding of the algorithm, the nerve of the Google search engine.
  2. SEO Process to be Followed – Just ask about the process SEO expert is going to follow. Whether the SEO guy is going to follow a white-hat SEO practice or a black-hat one. Only white-hat SEO is recommended, black-hat practices have no life.
  3. SEO Strategy – Must listen the general strategy the SEO expert has for a better search engine ranking. Website structure, linking structure, directory structure, file names, content optimization and so on for on-page SEO. Similarly, for off-page activities the centre point is website link popularity. As much website link will be popular that better the search engine listing will be.
  4. Can #1 Ranking be Guaranteed – Number one ranking in search engines can’t be guaranteed from any one. Yes, top 10 search engine listings can be guaranteed at sometimes. It actually depends on the competition of keywords and the feasibility.
  5. See the Past SEO Works – Before hiring a dedicated SEO expert must see the past results the professional has achieved. Before judging the expertness of the SEO service provider, check how much competitive the keyword is. Top 10 rankings achiever is good, top 5 rankings achiever is better and the top 3 rankings achiever is the best for hire.
  6. Availability for Communication – Communication play a vital role while working with a hired SEO consultant. The professional must be good in communication to make a right ROI achievement. Even an SEO guru may fail if communication between two parties is not at smoother or comfortable level. Communication among SEO professional, website owner, website developer should be tight one. Neither of them should miss any other person while required for a communication or a decision.

Organic listing in the SERPs is a matter of patience. It may take even six months at times to get the desired result set in search engines. SEO is not for a quick turn-around. For an instant result, choose paid search engines listing like Google AdWords. At the same time, never ignore SEO. It certainly pays back.