Online Pharmacy App Development

Don’t let your patients wait and worry about their medicines. Provide them there medicines at the doorstep. Enhance your pharmacy business with our online pharmacy app. We provide you with a secure, innovative and seamless online pharmacy app through our online pharmacy app. We provide you such an app that will make your process faster and more secure.

Our developers develop the online pharmacy app for you in such a way that it caters to all your needs. It lets your medicine delivery feature to be extended providing your customers convenience in getting their medicines. With getting your online pharmacy app developed by us you will avail features for your customers like ordering the medicines online, identifying the substitutes of medicines, health information, side-effect information and much more.
For online pharmacy app following features or add-ons will be provided with the app. The online pharmacy app will be customizable, thus you can select which features you require to have in the app.

Creation of e-commerce web portal

Our team of developers will build an e-commerce web portal for the pharmacy app through which the users will be able to order medicines online for home delivery. This feature will help you boost your pharmacy business to a great extent.

Software for inventory management

Keeping the updated details of the medicine stock is another requirement which an online pharmacy app requires. The inventory management software that will be provided by us for you along with pharmacy app will help you track multiple details like shipment details, inventory status, orders and the requirement of medicines when the stock decreases.

Software for sales and distribution

Through our app, we enhance your sales and distribution of the medicines by providing software which will be capable enough to handle the overall sales of medicines, and the distribution activities that are required to be carried out.

Mobile app for delivery of medicines

Along with the online pharmacy app, our developers will provide you with a mobile app through which the users can easily order medicines for home delivery.

CRM software

We can provide you with powerful CRM software for managing your customer details, there medicinal records and the orders they made.

Software for supply chain management

We will implement an effective supply chain management system in the online pharmacy app for you. This implementation will help you to keep the track about the demand and supply of the medicines that you provide to your customers.

Why we for online pharmacy app development?

Our company aims to create high-end and feature-rich online pharmacy app for you. By choosing us for online pharmacy app development for your business will help you avail the following benefits:

POS Software: our company will provide you with effective POS software that will be capable of handling all the required purchase and sale of medicines across all your pharmacy stores.

Capabilities to handle multiple languages: the pharmacy app will work according to your suitability. With built-in support for multiple languages, you can work according to your convenience and select the language which you want.

Multiple platform support: you will be able to deploy the app provided by us on a variety of platforms. The app will be completely responsive and effective regardless of the platform you choose.

24X7 supports: you will be assisted around the clock for any kind of assistance you require. You will be provided support for complete maintenance and for handling any issue that you may face.

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